Our processes are defined and well established, 100% outgoing inspection and DIN ISO 9001 certification is self-evident. Thus, we can guarantee high quality and reliability. Quality is our life – from development to sales to production.

As a member of the Rühl Group, Rühl Puromer GmbH is certified according to the process-oriented EN ISO 9001:2008 standard. Our continuous improvement process incorporates data from internal and external audits, customer feedback, supplier evaluations, consistent complaints management and other benchmarks. All of our employees are integrated into the process and contribute to it. Maintaining high internal standards is just as important to us as strict compliance with legal and customer-specific requirements.

The highest possible quality is our top priority. Regardless of the batch size, we conduct one hundred percent outgoing inspections that follow established parameters and are confirmed by an acceptance certificate upon request. We offer consistently high quality you can rely on.


Our current certificates can be downloaded here as PDF: