Flexibility and diversity

According to the principles of lean production, our enterprise produces polyurethane formulations for various applications - tailor-made for your requirements. We mainly produce on demand and therefore with a maximal level of flexibility. In different modern production areas and facilities we produce batch sizes from 50 kg to 20.000 kg. Taking the customer’s needs into account, our production is kept up-to-date with the latest technical developments and adapted to the market’s demands.

Our production facilities are designed for the highest possible flexibility and short set-up times. They allow a quick change-over and a customer-oriented production process. In many cases, we deliver directly, without interim storage, to the customer – either in canisters, barrels, containers or tank trucks. We keep a high sense of responsibility towards mankind and the environment; responsible care is self-evident for our day-to-day contact with various chemicals.

Know-how and experience of our team and close cooperation with other internal divisions guarantee a safe and quality-oriented production. Short communication paths allow a prompt dispatch. For us, it is imperative to meet and exceed the Quality, Cost and Delivery (QCD) expectations of our customers.