Efficient, high-quality surface refinement

puroclear® products are used as casting materials for the tool-related refinement of wooden trim parts or thermoplastic parts – either for transparent or coloured coatings. The Casting materials are  for example used in the automotive industry.


  • UV-stability
  • Easy processing / economic production, i.e. by self-releasing adjustment
  • High scratch resistance / self-healing effect / unique suitability for everyday use
  • Custom-made differentiated surface solutions
    • High gloss level and brilliant 3D effect
    • Detailed impression of finest surface structures
    • Combination of both
  • Production of functional, 3-D-touch or anti-reflective coatings possible
  • Durable performance
  • Proven in large scale production
  • OEM approved

The combination of puroclear® with thermoplastic injection moulding is also very interesting: It is an efficient and low-emission alternative to cost-intensive painting to refine the surface of injection moulding components. Besides that, the high-quality surface coating scores by covering small defects of the substrate and by giving a brilliant 3D depth effect on your component. puroclear®.

  • Wooden trim parts in vehicle interiors
  • Exterior applications (i.e. pillar panels of cars)
  • Decorative and functional components
  • Coating of composite components and other substrates
  • Refinement of furniture components/tables
  • Decorative elements
  • ...
  • Usability in CCM/CLEARRIM, ColorForm/clearmelt/DCDS and other technologies
  • Hardness/haptics: from soft to hard (70 Shore A – 85 Shore D)
  • Good adhesion to substrate, also with self-releasing adjustment
  • Very good abrasion and scrub resistance
  • System versions with self-healing effect
    • Also at room temperature
    • Scratch resistance acc. to Erichsen tested up to 20 N
  • Complies with OEM specifications i.e.
    • Sun simulation: 24h – DIN 75220-D-IN1-T
    • Xenon weathering (artificial Florida and Arizona climate)
    • Heat ageing
    • Climatic cycle test
    • Chemical resistance: sun cream, hand cream, bird droppings, tree resin etc.
    • VOC/FOG: 70 ppm/125 ppm
  • Cure time: 40–100 s (acc. to application and size of component)
  • Transparent or (translucently) dyed coatings (i.e. piano-black)
  • Coating possible of parts with thicknesses from 0,2 mm to 10 mm

puroclear® IT (= self releasing) is a system providing up to 1.500 demoulding processes without external release agent and thus enabling an almost off-tool production. Rework and scrap rate are significantly reduced. Impressions of high-glossy or rough surfaces with an impressive degree of repeatability are made possible.

puroclear®-systems with self-healing properties are hard coating materials characterized by an extraordinary suitability for everyday use. We adapt the self-healing effect according to your application.

Leatherlike haptics are possible with puroclear® in soft adjustment. They can be used as an alternative to puroskin® also for light colours.

puroclear® - self-healing effect