Leather-like haptics – foamable or compact

puroskin® is the perfect system for soft-elastic foamed or quasi-compact applications. The number of possible applications of this aromatic water-blown 2K cast elastomer as surface solution is almost unlimited.

However, puroskin® does not only allow maximum flexibility in regards to the design: also most different requirements of the production process can be met (for example combination with injection moulding) – suitability for large scale production in the automotive industry and well-known OEMs inclusive. A unique haptic experience is provided by the soft touch effect of puroskin®: It can be used partially or extensively depending on different wall thicknesses. The comfortable and catchy soft touch effect is ideal i.e. for vibration damping of handles of electric machines.

  • Head rest covers
  • Door cladding
  • Arm rests
  • Other cladding components in vehicle interiors
  • Seating elements
  • Handle elements of all kinds (construction machines, household appliances, sports equipment etc.)
  • ...
  • Partial unique soft touch effect
  • Variations in wall thickness possible
  • Leather-like haptics
  • High abrasion / scratching resistance
  • FOC/VOG emissions requirements fulfilled
  • Economic component costs
  • Very good adhesion to PA, PA-ABS, PC-ABS
  • Dyeing in almost any colour shades possible
  • UV-resistance at dark colours
  • puroskin® can be handled in SkinForm® process, but can also be used for standard PU cast skin applications with all named advantages
  • Excellent optics, warping-free detailled imaging of the surface
  • Physical tests according to the OEMs’ standards for overmoulded skins in vehicle interiors are passed
  • Compact systems based on aliphatic isocyanates for UV-resistance at light colour shades (see puroclear®)