Continuous development of our material systems is in the focus of our development department. Always state-of-the-art, whether for the short-termed solution or the medium- and long-termed perspective.  All our formulations are based on our own material knowledge. For this, we have been fostering and continuously expanding our comprehensive knowhow for many decades.

Choosing the right ingredients is the key task to develop custom-made solutions. But we also identify and qualify new raw materials and additives. Being an independent PU systems house, we profit from a free choice of materials and suppliers and benefit from a long-term partnership with various qualified raw material suppliers. This helps us to formulate the best material solution - both technologically and economically. Last but not least, we thus ensure the highest possible availability for you.

But we do not only realize your latest ideas. We also participate in sustainable innovation projects, which on a medium term open up new areas of application. Concerning these projects, we are partners of the leading German research institutes.


In our purovation Center you can find the most modern laboratory facilities and i.e. the following measurement and testing possibilities:

  • ZwickRoell universal test machine with pneumatic sample grip (tensile strength, compression set, tear resistance, compression hardness, bending properties/elongation/flexural strength/modulus, compressive strength)
  • Indentation resistance testing acc. to Shore
  • Examination of ageing behaviour
  • Indicative fire testing
  • Atlas Xenon Xenotest 440 (UV Weathering)
  • Ballrebound test
  • NIR spectroscopy