Structure and insulation

Our purotherm® systems have excellent thermal insulation properties, based on the closed-cell structure of this group of material. The lower we set the density, the better the insulation. Good mechanical properties top off the property profile of purotherm®: In areas of higher density they can be used for applications with structural functions.

The main foaming agent for purotherm® systems is water, but also physical blowing agents and pentane are used. The continuous development of water-blown products led to systems with insulation properties comparable to physically blown foams.

The various fields of application can be found in the construction industry, sanitary industry, medical industry and also in the refrigeration industry.

  • Thermo-containers
  • Structural foam for bath tubs and shower trays
  • Wooden beam replications
  • Beer barrel coverings
  • Water fittings
  • Centrifuge insulation
  • Filling foam for window profiles
  • Moulded part density of 35–120 kg/m³
  • Packaging foams with RG 5 kg/m³
  • Blowing agents: mainly water, but also pentane and other physical blowing agents
  • Good thermal insulation (lambda value from 22 mW/mK)
  • Usage of recycling and bio polyols possible
  • Construction industry: DIN 4102 B2
  • Swiss V
  • UL 94 V