High strength – low weight

With our purodur® systems you can produce components with sandwich material structure in one step. The reaction mixture foams in the closed mould: Due to specific compression and temperature ratio it produces a foam core with fine pores and a massive edge zone. Density is integrally distributed in the component’s cross-section.

Depending on density, hardness adjustment and degree of compression different material properties can be achieved. This provides products from lightweight construction to structure functions to high-quality class A surfaces. Completely according to your requirements.

  • Trim parts / housings / covers
  • High-quality heat-insulating energy-saving windows with high stiffness
  • Clamps and pipe supports
  • Decor and furniture elements (stable in shape and extra light) for caravans and other camping cars
  • construction bars
  • ...
  • Moulded part density of 220–900 kg/m³
  • Shore D hardness of 35–85
  • Tensile strength 3–16 N/mm²
  • Blowing agents: mainly water, but also pentane and other physical blowing agents

According to the field of application and production conditions, purodur® formulations can be tailored to certain properties:

  • Maximal mechanical performance
  • Good thermal insulation
  • Self-releasing setting possible
  • Good for painting and laminating
  • Usage of bio and recycling polyols possible
  • Electronic industry: UL 94 VO
  • Rail vehicle construction: DIN 5510
  • Construction industry: DIN 4102 B2, EN 13501 E